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About Me

Why I do what I do…

I spent decades helping businesses understand who and where they are, clarifying where they would like to go, and strategizing on how to get there. I accompanied them through their journey by running operations and keeping them close to their mission. I traveled the world and served the top brands on the planet. I loved what I was doing and the impact I was making.

However, after 20+ years and at the height of a prosperous professional life, I found myself lost for meaning, disconnected from myself and life at large. Given this mounting feeling of deep discontent, I decided to stop everything and answer the call of self-discovery. I began a journey of inner work, emotional healing, self-expression, and somatic self-exploration.

Walking this path, I have realized the importance of knowing thyself: if you don’t know who you are, it is impossible to make the next best move for yourself. And though I dismissed most relationships up until that point, I have learned that living relationally is a source of nourishment like no other. I started to explore and learn the science and art of consciously creating the life that I was truly yearning for. I finally began to live this human experience in a state of curiosity and flow.

My coaching is a reflection of this journey… 

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This was my journey: full of rapture. Yours might be so different, and yet so similar too. I am here to support and guide you should you choose to walk this path.

What does “Amazeer” mean?

Amazeer (more commonly spelled Amazigh) are the indigenous people of Northern Africa going back to the ancient civilizations times (circa 10,000 BC). Though the Amazeer people sustained centuries of invasions (Roman, Greek, Muslims, Ottoman, etc.), they have, incredibly and against all odds, kept their original identity, language, traditions, arts, and even calendar! The strength, courage, and valiance of this population is quite extraordinary.

In the Amazeer language, the word “amazeer” itself means “free people” or “people that are free”. Being an Amazeer woman, my coaching method seeks and aspires to free you from the many things that you inevitably acquired through this journey of life and which no longer serve you.

From unconscious habits to ways of viewing and being in this world, I want you to be free to be who you intrinsically are, have the relationships you want, create the life your inner being yearns for, and live a beautiful life.

In doing so, you will inevitably realize and choose to live relationally, create consciously and decisively, and enjoy your life day by day. As the life you want manifests, it is fundamentally important to manage your state of being and stay in a curious playful mode.

When you are in this state, life becomes a delicious exploration!


My mission

My mission is to create a highly potent space-time session in which you can engage in a set of experiences designed to reveal and connect you to your inner being, unpack the seed challenges you are facing, and unlock the solutions that are the best fit for you.

A highly potent session needs implicit and explicit emotional safety, unshakable strength, a vibrant deeply co-regulated presence, and an empowering current of intimacy. I bring my entire and fullest being to these sessions for this container to be established.

Drawing from a vast array of sources (traditional & non-traditional psychology, psychotherapy, somatics, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom traditions), my coaching style meets you where you are and will be tailored not only to you as an individual but also to the moment you are traversing in your life.

Wherever you are, and wherever you want to go, I am here for you.


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