How is your  inner atmosphere?


Individual Inner Work

Anyone walking through my doors for coaching is ultimately unaccepting of their reality in some way: whether past, present, or future. In other words, we all seek to change, grow and evolve into a new state of being that we deem superior. It typically manifests in one-pointed requests: 

  • I want to gain a new behavior
  • I want to stop thinking or feeling a certain way
  • I want to meet someone like this
  • I want to separate myself from someone like that

In the end, however, through our work and exploration together, I inevitably find my clients wishing for a different state of being. Individual inner work is simply a process to get you there.

First, inner work aspires to understand the who, what, and why of the present. Next, it clarifies and crystalizes the who, what, and why of the future with utmost congruency and alignment with your inner self (vs. your social self). Finally, strategizing on how to get there becomes more explicit, achievable, and exciting.

I, myself, deeply love, respect, and seek this process. Having taken many groups, businesses, and individuals through it (myself included), I witnessed transformations in states of being, creative solutions emerge, and hope about the future renewed. Stated simply, this is the process of individuation and self-realization that we are all here for.

“ One begins to understand that it isn’t necessary to struggle to be like someone else, for by being one’s own self one stands on the surest ground. ”
Robert A. Johnson

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