Which part of you is in charge right now?

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Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful evidence-based psychotherapeutic technique that helps one know oneself. We are all born with sophisticated inner ecologies that experience the world and adapt to it the best way we know how. This implies natural inner multiplicities within us which are manifest, at times, in conflicting viewpoints and behaviors.

Although this paradigm is not entirely new, IFS has been extremely successful in healing inner fractures, compulsive disorders and other inner discords that seem to accompany everyone on this human journey.

IFS harmonizes this inner system by establishing safety, communication, and balance. This highly empowering model seeks to ultimately give self-leadership back to the individual. Once this happens, a great deal of energy (previously consumed for inhibition, distraction, rebellion, and containment) is freed up for creativity, play, and life.

I have experienced and witnessed first hand how healing and powerful this model can be. I use this modality in most of my daily coaching interactions and the process that unfolds is always awe inspiring to me.

“ I think it depends on how many people can stand the tension of the opposites in themselves. ”
Carl G. Jung when asked about the potential of third world war.

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