Your body is speaking. Are you listening?

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As a society, we have passed the cap of thinking that our bodies are these simple mechanical machines at the service of our minds. Science has shown that our bodies are alive, independent highly complex beings yet fully and completely integrated with our brains.

In fact, we now know that there are far more messages sent to the brain from our bodies than the other way around. This completely reverses our pre-established paradigm of mind over body.

Ancient wisdom traditions, having accumulated data points for thousands of years, understood this well which is reflected in their power habits. For example:

  • Ancient Egyptians used aromatherapy and sound vibrations for many of their healing practices
  • Ancient Greeks considered food to be the medicine for both body and mind
  • Ancient India developed a complex system of body movements (yoga) and breathing exercises (pranayama) to benefit the body energies as well as the mind

Though I trained and practiced the ancient modalities above, I integrated them into my own mind-body method that has served both myself and clients for decades. This creative blend is a reflection of how I walk through this bewildering human experience at any age, any place, and through any challenge.

“ Many people fail to recognize the true cause of their inability. The cause is very often not lack of ability, but improper use of self. ”
Moshe Feldenkrais

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